Podcasts, Vids, and Visuals

Dialogues on Awakening Beyond Thought – NonDual Improv With Gary Weber.

Hologram from Ayahuasca – September 2012, Lucid NYC

Stairway to EleusisThe Exegesis Exegesis and the Dharma of Philip K. Dick, delivered at Penn State University as part of the Institute for Arts and Humanities Resident Scholar Lecture Series.

Phytopsyche:  A talk on Plant Intelligence for the American Anthropological Association, delivered by Dorion Sagan

Episode #7:  Richard Doyle’s Darwin’s Pharmacy (Gray Scott, September 14, 2011)

Healing with Plant Intelligence: A Report From Ayahuasca Talk for the Society for the Anthropology of Consciousness, March 2010

Research Unplugged (September 2010)

Scaling the Noosphere:  A TedX Talk@PSU

Radio Free Noosphere  :Bootstrapping collective consciousness through micromedia, featured on Feet to the Fire Alternative Talk Radio for the Times.

“Radio Free Consciousness”:  Mobius talk radio on consciousness & psychedelics

Just Say Yes to The Noösphere:  A talk at Stanford University Law School

Psychedelics R Information Technologies:  A talk at Rice University Computer and Information Technology Institute

“Two Hours of Nothin'” :  Mobius talks about Nothing for Two Hours, featured on Feet to the Fire Alternative Talk Radio for the Times.

A Transmission From the Vast Active Living Intelligent System From Da Grasshopper Lies Heavy A spoken Wyrd Opera

Omphalosophia:  Towards a Copenhagen Interpretation of Living Systems in Museums, With Special Reference to John Lilly, presented in telepresence to Copenhagen

Feet to the Noosphere, or “The Noosphere Is!” (March 22, 2009)

Ayahuasca Montage: Why Psychonauts Should (and Do) Interrupt Themselves Continually:  A talk given to the Society for Literature, Science and Art, Amsterdam, Netherlands (June 2006)

Biometrics and the Human/Plant Interface:  A talk given at the ‘Beyond Biopolitics’ symposium at the Center for the Study of Women and Society, CUNY Graduate Center of New York. (March 2006)

LSDNA talk on, yes, LSD and DNA, at Penn Writer’s House, Courtesy of the Slought Foundation

Pedagogical Series: Composing the Sacred

Let the Seeking Become Strong (Week 1)

In The Cloud (Week 2)

Perennially Pink: From the Cloud of Unknowing to the Dark Side of the Moon (Week 3)

Declaration of a Quest: Who Knows?! (Week 4)

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