“What We Went Through!” Awakening From The War on Drugs – A webinar with Joanna Harcourt-Smith about her book, Tripping the Bardo With Timothy Leary

Ecstacy of Language (Joanna Harcourt-Smith, Future Primitive, 7/19/10)

The Poetry of Plants and the Ecodelic Programming of Consciousness– an interview with Erik Davis and  Majah D’Aoust on Expanding Mind, 7/21/11

The Intertwingularity is Here (R.U. Sirius, ACCELER8OR, June 28, 2011)

An Ecstatic Dialogue with Jason Silva. Huffington Post,

Serious Wonder Radio Interview. Serious Wonder

Language, Ancient Internets, and LSD,Part One with Jason Silva,Motherboard,

Language, Ancient Internets, and LSD, Part Two with Jason Silva,Motherboard,

Rhetorics of Consciousness, Bowman and Julianne Gola, C-Lab, Columbia University

Richard Doyle on Ayahuasca (Steve Beyer, December 1, 2007)

Faculty Q + A:  Richard Doyle, College of Liberal Arts (Maggie Smith, February 10, 2010)

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