Working With Stigmergy

When i find myself in times of trouble, mother stigmergy comes to me, and I find myself consulting my own writings. Yes, I have written this mess down in order to remind myself later. Writing as time travel into a blog post?!


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4 responses to “Working With Stigmergy

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  2. Gifts to your future self… the time travel blog entry itself could be a form of distributed intelligence…. the key is the delivery system–how do we remember the crumbs we’ve left ourselves to follow up on? what’s your practice for internal writings-review?

    • Gratitude for the Petrifyin’ query, oh doctor of the stones. It has been observed that ego death is the necessary and sufficient condition for finding the crumbs. Otherwise you only look for where you think they are, and if you knew, you would have already find them…
      There is, in my humble experience, no “I” left over that remembers where some imagined I left these enigmatic futuring missives to itself. But there is a futuring, and when we let go into the already distributed nature of our awareness, the network responds. Pingback to Lilly on Ecco, The Earth Coincidence Control Office:
      This is some powerful software, and Lilly has a profound sense of humor and wisdom.

  3. Thanks for the introduction to Stigmergy…… insect colonies have always held a prime place in “my” everchanging worldview. Always grateful for your thoughts. _/\_

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