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Wish Fulfilling (Poem) Gem Tree


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Gone Was the Gubbish!

Inside, Mr. Kott’s skin were dead bones, shiny and wet…Jack Bohlen, too, was a dead sack, teeming with gubbish…Martian Time Slip

The telepathic jackal was devoid. Of gubbish. Gone was the gubbish. A swarm of thought jangle in story. Always story. Mind oozed plenty. But teeth jaw tongue tore into Barney Mayerson man-meat. Chewy. With much gubbish he was. While the jackal was without. Gubbish.

The man stank with dusty sweat salt flesh. Those wounds, fresh and generous, said something the jackal not gubble fathom.

Still. There within jackal there was gubbish none. Missing it was. Yet, an inkling. Chewing gristled gubbling rumination.

The fathoming of the sheer poverty of the usual gubbish was now underway.
Inward attention bends in on itself, spiraling around. The missing gubbish.

Galactic he is!

Beyond the jackal in his local
jackal isness
There was much muchness.
And yet still. Muchness more.
But gubbish none!

Beyond galactic
spiral was

Starmaker glimmer
in faerie
light of
liquid metal sentient

Whorling stillness magma core
of pure ya knowetry of itself
as jackal
man of
sweat flesh
Gone was the gubbish!


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How Now?!!


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Ya Knowetry

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