if language won’t work to do the job that it seems every mystic, including mobiused1, sometimes wishes it to do, maybe we simply must, pace Wittgenstein, go silent when we come into any awareness whatsoever of pure consciousness, the urgrund, Consciousness without an object. 

Silence would seem, in this context, to be the yawning absence of utterance. But what freakin’ really happens when we shut up long enough to mutate? No wonder this blog went silent for sooo long….

In silence we may go non verbal, get still, observe our thoughts as a participant observer. Transforming the internal cinema of our self referential mind from a “talkie” to the apparently regressed form of silent film, we become capable of focusing in on what is right in front of us and crowded out by all  the nostalgia and other resentments of the past, those blurring hopes, wonders, fears, of future: Now. Is  “Now” what/where/when PKD will describe in the Exegesis as somehow “orthogonal” to the flow of linear time? Be still and know.


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