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Hacking The Hero’s Journey Beyond Thought with Philip K. Dick

Why would one man write nearly nine thousand pages after the experience of being "nailed by information"?  Writer Philip K. Dick's The Exegesis, now accessible to scholars and fans in print, records the heroic journey of one man seeking to fathom the inexplicable: a 1974 experience of what he called  "pure consciousness."  In his mammoth text, Dick worked through the range of all possible explanations for this anomalous event of "ultra thought", including an alien god he called VALIS, a cosmic galactic network of living information. By pursuing a relentless path of writing and thinking through the unbelievable with humor, skepticism and a passion for the truth, Dick ultimately exhausts his capacity to think any further, arriving at pure consciousness. Beyond thought, PKD  achieves what Joseph Campbell termed "at-one-ment", writing up his journey as a story featuring himself as a fictional character in the novel Valis,   Through the pages of the Exegesis and the novels, PKD discovers and relates the unthinkable: the self is itself  a fiction, hacking the hero's journey beyond thought.


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