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Declarations of the Noosphere – May, 2014

Declarations of the Noosphere: Towards an Involutionary Speech Act

This talk will invoke the noosphere – an emergent concept of Vernadsky, Le Roy, and Teilhard de Chardin – as a form of address suited to mapping the interface of the informational and the biological at the subjective and planetary scales.

If the noosphere is a “form of address”, a label addressing an ecological ensemble of attention gathering, exchange, recording, storage and transformation,   who or what is being addressed, and who is addressing it? Diverse traditions and studies of Non Ordinary Consciousness ( Harner, Fischer, Strassmann) suggest that rhetorical practices of self inquiry are both necessary and sufficient to these “involutionary speech acts” ( after Austin, 1954, “illocutionary”, “perlocutionary”). This conscious search for the self by the self, in which a radical sense of interconnection with larger scale phenomena such as “noosphere” often occur in the context of ego death, are likely “irreducible” ( Wolfram) yet well mapped by simple iterative rules that produce  effects of “infinity”. ( CF.  recursion in Lisp, “A Little Lisper”)

–Richard Doyle, Penn State University

May 2014, San Antonio, Texas – Rhetoric Society of America



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