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Sharing a Favorite Recipe for Stillness and Awe

Gently take one suffering being, and surrender to the overwhelming evidence that we are not in control. If needed, review the evidence that our experience of free will is a thoroughgoing illusion. (Weber, Libet) Surrender the grasp for control to your favorite avatar of All That Is. Jesus, Mary, Buddha, Ramakrishna, Coltrane.
Surrender it again. Let go of the idea and feeling that things could have been any other way than they are. Release the feelings of anxiety before the future – you’re just dancing with it, not controlling it. Release any sense of remorse or anguish or pride over events of the past – you were just dancing according to a tune not chosen by you. Surrender all of those feelings and feel the effervescence of the cosmos that has been calling the tune all along. Welcome home.

Next, find the one who surrenders. Where is the surrenderer? When is the surrenderer? Who is the surrenderer?
Repeat. Fold in self compassion. Allow to rest in stillness and joy. “Be still and know that I am God.” ¬†( Psalms 46:10)


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