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Thank You, Ring of Fire!

"The Cosmos, O Arjuna, dwells in the Heart of every being and by a mysterious power spins around all beings as if they were mounted on a machine." Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 18, Verse 61

Friends, have you been grateful for your cosmic challenge today? mobiused carnivaled over the weekend, meaning that he frequented the rusty old danger zone that unfolded its mobile mechanical technology “amusements” here in Happy Valley. Most of our lives, most of the time, evolve to favor the overwhelming impression of total freedom in any given moment. This, of course, is unavoidably part of the One that can be viewed right here and Now with the help of your trusty cephscope, and is thus beyond good and evil. It just is. We have this ongoing feeling of freedom from which we all too frequently shrink. That’s part of the One, too!

Hence the gift of a moment of sheer mechanical determinism as you yoke your very life to a clattering, gravity shirking bucket o’ bolts as it heads for the sky, looping back onto itself. No possible impression/illusion of total freedom is available at that moment: We know that we – whoever that is, get out your cephscope – have gone and handed over our fate to an ill maintained and barely regulated Ring of Fire. And, just for a moment, in our surrender we glimpse our cosmic condition and experience the freedom of the One who glimpses it.


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