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Doris Day Bodhisattva

Friends, this long bloggy silence means nada, the sound of one bliss body trumpeting: “Empty!” But this highly polished ¬†prajnaparamita is one that requires a practiced undoing which is ever so challenging as long as we remain entranced by the idea that we are in control of our journey: the more we try to pilot our subjectivity starships, destination Planet Ananda, the more turbulence we encounter. Letting go of the cosmic helm can be excruciatingly difficult when it appears, as it has of late to mobius, that it is our very creative freedom that is called on by our path. Called on to create our way out of an impasse – those gifts of teaching the cosmos periodically bequeathes us – we do our bit as a part of the cosmic conspiracy to tug all of us toward enlightenment. But careful, now – this creative doing requires no Doer, but instead demands total surrender. How to get to that place of total surrender such that our cosmic creative radiance can shine forth?

mobius, whoever that is, finds that it is often helpful to have someone or something, noun or verb, to surrender to. And we can call on diverse Buddhas, Avatars, and Divine personages of all flavors to receive our total renunciation of control. We can abandon ourselves, as most of us do, to the Market, and its avatars of Celebrity and Wealth. In this context, the fact that there are any other Avatars at all can come as a profound gift, for the Market and its Dvinities teach us, over and over, that “we decide” through that fabulous fiction “consumer choices.”. Instead, we can surrender to Avatars most improbable, for the less we are convinced by them, the more we can actually surrender without preserving some residue of belief and control. Hence the twin powers of Doris Day offering our mantra of the Day: Que Sera, Sera. Give it up, as they say, for Doris Day:



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