Grateful for Nada, Compassion for “All”

Now friends, mobiused is hereby grateful for nada. In this dizzying world of things, events, phenomena of all kinds, what could be more overlooked, less appreciated & more worthy of celebration than Nothin’?

By their very nature, words are funny, funny “things”. And of course they aren’t “things” at all, but gradient differentials – pointers to the difference between one pointer and another. This, not that. Purple rather than indigo, caution rather than reckless abandon.  Word rather than “thing”. Where were we?

Ah, yes, “nada.” And by “nothing” we usually mean to point at some yawning lack of a thing, some aching scarcity at the bottom of a bowl or on the end of a hook.  Boy to a fisherman, whose back is turned: “Whatcha catch today?” Fisherman: “Nothin”!”

But the Fisherdude turns about, and we recognize heem. He is that One whose birth, behind all of the solsticing and festive egg nogging, we pretend to celebrate in an annual holiday. And from whence does he come?

Friends, ponder this during your holiday season: What if the  “immaculate conception” is of thought? This “nada” is the achievement of no thought: the narrative mind is silenced, and we awaken to reality, the “sun” that so dazzled the prisoners emerging from Plato’s cave. And what is glimpsed through these awakening and now grateful eyes?

What had appeared separate – such as Fall and Winter – are seen to be undivided. So too are “Me” and “You”  “words” that point to differentials with meaning only to the chattering monkey mind. Gratitude becomes continuous with compassion: Out of the immaculate space of nada, a silent night births the experiential unity of all. No longer are we in a world of events, things & phenomena, and compassion emerges from the experience of “our” unity with the One.

Whoever “you” are, give thanks to this Uni-verse, get silent, and you just might hear a response: “De Nada!”


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