Behold the Cephscope

I’ve got an initial theoretical view  as to who might have systematically damaged your cephscope and may do it again.  Philip K. DickA Scanner Darkly

Friends, right Now you have the Unique Opportunity to reconnect to your very own high quality endlessly tuned transhuman technology, the Cephscope. That’s right, readers of this very blog are privileged field testers of an ancient technology perfected over billions of years and available right Now in the comfort of your own habitat. Not Sold in Stores, this device has been in development since the very beginning of time, if ever there was such an event, and has been subjected to the most rigorous of laboratory and field testing imaginable or unimaginable. Every mind that has ever minded has contributed to this One: From the quorum sensing of bacteria to the texting of tweens, evolution has honed this biosemiotic device to tolerances never before glimpsed. Yes, friends, a self aware feedback device of cosmic magnitudes awaits its deployment by You, Now.

Now, you may say. point me to it, drop some instructions on me, share a recipe, upload some code for this exceptionally promising cephscope. Yes friends, in a previous post I already relayed the vital information, but here and Now, again, I shall repeat it for the benefit of this very blog and its future readers of all sentient beings: “Consciousness-Without-An-Object-Is.”  You see, the cephscope slumbers within your very own noggin, ready for introceptual action. “Introception” is the neologism coined by Franklin Merrell Wolff to name our capacity to point our consciousness at our consciousness. Here we neither engage in acts of perception – such as the smelling of a rose – nor do we practice conceptual thought – such as adding that rose to another rose, yielding two abstract roses. No, “Introception” refers to our capacity to become aware of the very nature of our awareness, and to do so we must quiet down and get still, surrendering our desire to patrol the external world for signs of excitement, danger, or our imminent celebrity. Instead, we must mind our minds, and then do it again, until doing it is no doing at all, and we behold that, indeed, “Consciousness-without-an-object-Is”. Behold the cephscope!



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7 responses to “Behold the Cephscope

  1. Bill

    The etymology of ‘ceph’ is the greek for ‘head’ – so – “instructions for using your headscope”… to scope the head, to see inside the head.

    cephscope then is the tool(set) of self-observation.

    Ahhh, but what would induce a human to activate the cephscope? The switch may be right there, only a mental twitch required to turn it on, but what is the motivation?

  2. Excellent etymological sleuthing, Bill. What made you want to know that?…The same impulse – something much larger in scale than our usual conception of curiosity, larger in magnitude than desire, other than need – pulls us on our quest to Know, and on this quest it is good, eventually, to scope our own heads in acts of introception. To find out what pulls us, we just have to follow the pull to its source, using our handy built in cephscope…

    At first, it seems like nothing at all: If I look for the self who is having a thought or an emotion, I search in vain. I look and look and look: nada, emptiness. But if I dwell with that nada a bit, it becomes clear that this nada very much IS: Consciousness-without-an-object Is. So, to close the loop on the question: Consciousness without an object wants to know itself, cuz that’s what it IS.

  3. Bill

    Well, something that has always interested me is the tension between the desire to know oneself, and the desire to forget oneself.

    I don’t see much expression of the desire to know oneself in our current culture – leading me to muse – what is it that would motivate humans to make that mental twitch and turn the headscope on, then make that second twitch, and turn the headscope onto itself.

    I don’t expect there’s an answer really – we may be at a point in history in which turning on the headscope has for some tiny minority a survival advantage, whereas for the majority it would be a disadvantage, a distraction from this life-or-death business of negotiating position in the great herds of humans as they migrate from one social state to the next.

    The rhetorical structures surrounding the headscope have, perhaps inevitably, the ‘gravitational curve’ of “salvation” built into them – we can’t help but put the headscope in the great categories of religion and mysticism, which have that great attractor of salvation hidden in their core. And who wouldn’t want salvation – every signal we get tells us we MUST want it – it sucks at us like the mass of the planet beneath us.

    But, I often think – since the headscope is right there, 24-7 – why do so few turn it on?

  4. I agree that this is puzzling, but as someone who really only turned on in the 21st century, I can say that there were many moments when I turned on and had nowhere to put it. There was no cultural context, for example, for my perceptions of myself as a pattern of energy that I had while having Out of Body Experiences in Hypnagogic Sleep…So I think we do, in fact, turn on, but that we then have no framework or network with which to make sense of it. My hope is that this blog is part of a framework for making sense of what happens after the mental twitch….

  5. kerri z

    Mobius, you realize you are talking about yoga? If you are looking for a cultural context in the West Im not sure you’ll find it but as for a context for your perceptions of yourself as a pattern of energy… the map of the subtle body as found in many Eastern cultures has given me (and many others) an amazing context within which to understand these patterns. Im guessing you are not completely unfamiliar. Certainly the practice of turning the mind on itself IS a key aspect of yoga. As to motivation… Why DO so few turn it on? Why the disconnect? How did we get here? Do I have to wake up? Sleep/denial is easier. Its so easy to get in your car and go thru the McDonald’s drive-thru. I mean if you had a map to inner peace (salvation) would you follow it all the way? Its not for the faint of heart, filled with demons and dark passageways… a journey from the root to the crown to open the channels and clear the way for the light to flow. You cant eat at McDonalds thats for sure. And you have to be disciplined enough to practice practice practice… but once you get a taste of the real nectar, you cant help but want more.

  6. Your Kerriness:

    Thanks for the awesome post! Actually, I would say that yoga is talking about introception, since it is the oldest thang there is…Patanjali and others, including shamans and yes Jesus ( Luke 17:21), noticed and honed the capacity to perceive the mind with the mind and remembered it, passed it on. And yes, yoga gives a map of the subtle body, but along with it can come all kinds of projections and fetishizations and guru hoodo along with the amazing context and most erudite of traditions. And by now, as you know, most yoga classes have forgotten the context of enlightenment altogether. “So much yoga, so little enlightenment!” So I come to the practice from another angle. Everybody in the (energy) pool!

    And there is a “western” context too: Hence PKD’s cephscope, hence FMW, hence Alfred Pulyan, hence the Book of Hopi. Those who would have turned on through yoga will have already got that message, and either practiced or not. And why not get the Great Big Happy Meal of FMW and Yoga, like FMW did…

    I don’t get this idea that it is “easier” to sleep etc. It may be sleep, but it is a sleep of nightmares. I find samsara difficult indeed, a goad to practice practice practice, and nectar nectar nectar. All I know is that i feel compelled to share new ways to get to the same place 🙂 And yes, the path is not for the faint of heart, but then neither is life!

    Thanks for your teachin’ & preachin’!

  7. kerri z

    Yes it is a sleep of nightmares. To awaken to your true nature is to know the bliss of the gift of life in this beautiful sorrowful world. Thanks for all you do share.

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